Soil Investigation Machinery
& Drilling Equipment

Our machinery is used to carry out soil investigation prospecting for materiel aggregates, structural drilling, seismic shot hole drilling. Trident has introduced drilling machines designed especially for worksites with difficult access. Unloading & loading Machine can be easily separated into few parts for easy transportation. These machines are rugged, lightweight and portable skid rig with a range of job-tested features for versatility and dependable performance.

Trident specializes in Rock drilling accessories for drilling rock that works by scraping industrial-grade diamonds against the bottom of the hole. The diamonds are embedded into the metal structure (usually a sintered or powdered carbide base matrix) during the manufacture of the bit.

Anchoring Drilling &
Underground Drilling

Trident is a pioneer in introducing specialized machinery to ease project operations. These machines are built for soil nailing, dewatering hole, ground anchor, DTH hammer, casing drill and indoor underpinning jobs, where light weight is the main consideration.

Best penetration of soft, medium, and hard formations – up to 50 feet (15 m) per hour penetration of hard rock. Great for high-speed core and blast-hole drilling. Hinge-mounted swivel-head swings away for rod handling. Dismantles into lightweight components for easy transport.

Water Well Drilling

DTH Hammers & Bits

DTH is short for “down-the-hole”. Since the DTH method was originally developed to drill large-diameter holes downwards in surface-drilling applications, its name originated from the fact that the percussion mechanism followed the bit down into the hole

Drilling & Tapping Machine

Under pressure mains branch drilling machine, versatile for the gas, water and petrochemical industries.Universal Single spindle drilling and tapping machine for use on water mains, with built-in valve gate to enable insertion and removal of ferrules. Capable of drilling higher pressure mains (20bar rated). Only ten Saddles necessary for 2”-72” pipe.

PQR4000 Drills ½”-2” connections into steel, cast, ductile and PE pipe through valves, welded fittings, pipe saddles and split collars. Kits supplied for either Plug or Screwdown Ferrules to drill ½”-1” AC, PE and PVC pipe, through a ferrule and saddle strap. For mains pressure of 16bar. Anti-torque device ensures cutter longevity. Upgrade available for 25bar service

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